Telephonic Interview – Tips to Crack


Telephonic Interview

Many companies conduct telephonic interview and such interviews acts as screening interview. Usually a company may call you initially or if you have completed first level of interview with them. Whatever it may be remember telephonic interview is not for selection but for screening. So you must be careful when you get an telephonic interview. Here are few aspects that you can follow when you are interviewed through phone.

  • First thing to note is to make yourself comfortable. If you are in a disturbing place or if there is situation that you can be interrupted, then try to make your telephonic interview to postpone to some other time. If you cannot postpone ask them, if you can call them back or tell them properly about your current situation.
  • Make sure you have all the required details with you including CV and requirement information for the job specified.
  • Don’t take telephonic interview for granted. Be careful and speak clearly. Never smoke or eat when your interviewer is conversing with you.
  • Try to give detailed answers to your interviewer. Such answers may impress your interviewer and can further increase your chance of getting job.
  • Never forget to take notes of what an interviewer says. This may help you in the formal interview.
  • Finally do not panic. Always remember that an interviewer through telephone will not expect you to be too perfect.┬áBut making yourself perfect will impress him!. Make sure that you did not miss any information and make them understand that you are looking promising to the specified job.