How to face Panel Interview ?


How to face Panel Interview ?

How to face Panel Interview ?

Interviewing for a job is always a little nerve-wracking, and even the most confident applicant can become anxious. Interviewing with a group or a panel of interviewers can be difficult, because there are multiple people asking questions and evaluating you. Here are a few tips on how to ace a group or panel job interview.


A group of people in a company may conduct interviews for certain positions. Say for example a division of a company needs more manpower immediately, then divisional head, supervisor, team lead, Hr Manager will jointly organize a panel interview.Moreover panel interviews is most common in government sector like civil services, banking and defense.To face a panel, you must be well prepared. You will be asked many questions at one time by different people.It is quiet difficult to impress a group at one time but by proper understanding, you can definitely win the panel members.
Before entering the panel room, make yourself calm and steady. Do not open the door in haste. Slowly open the door and close it. Have a warm smile on your face and then greet them. If any of the panel members gives you handshake, respond to him and it is not necessary that you have to handshake with each panel member. Remember the person whom you had handshake may guide you and you can follow him. After you comfort yourself with the panel members, they will be asking you questions. Now you have to make eye contact with the person asking you the question and answer him politely. After you have answered the question, you can look to other panel members.

More Tips :

  1. When more questions are asked do not try to answer immediately. Give a momentary pause to give your answers to the panel members.
  2. If you have any further questions, you can ask to the panel leader.
  3. Then before leaving, thank the panel group as a whole with proper eye contact
  4. Now leave the panel room by the same way you entered. Remember when you are leaving the panel room, you are leaving your impressions too!


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